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The best loved poems of the American people

Felleman, Hazel. (Author). Browning, Elizabeth Barrett, 1806-1861 (Added Author). Browning, Robert, 1812-1889 (Added Author). Byron, George Gordon Byron, Baron, 1788-1824 (Added Author). Hunt, Leigh, 1784-1859 (Added Author). Miles, George H. (George Henry), 1824-1871 (Added Author). Love, Adelaide. (Added Author). Lovelace, Richard. (Added Author). Moore, Thomas. (Added Author). Morgan, Sady. (Added Author). Davies, Mary Carolyn. (Added Author). Shelley, Percy Bysshe, 1792-1822 (Added Author). Wilcox, Ella Wheeler, 1850-1919 (Added Author). Wagstaff, Blanche Shoemaker, 1888-1959 (Added Author). Chadwick, John White, 1840-1904 (Added Author). Dawson, Grace S. (Grace Strickler), 1891- (Added Author). Hope, Laurence, 1865-1904 (Added Author). Smith, May Riley. (Added Author). Van Dyke, Henry, 1852-1933 (Added Author). Riley, James Whitcomb, 1849-1916 (Added Author). Lathrop, Lena. (Added Author). Haynes, Carol. (Added Author). Thorne, Cyril Morton, Captain. (Added Author). Croft, Roy. (Added Author). Bennett, John. (Added Author). Gates, Ellen M. H. (Ellen Maria Huntington), 1835-1920 (Added Author). Russell, Sydney King. (Added Author). Gillilan, Strickland W., 1869- (Added Author). Jefferys, Charles, 1807-1865 (Added Author). Alford, Henry, 1782-1852 (Added Author). Arnold, Edwin, Sir, 1832-1904 (Added Author). Bourdillon, Francis William, 1852-1921 (Added Author). Campbell, Robert Calder, 1798-1857 (Added Author). Cary, Alice. (Added Author). Collier, Thomas Stephens. (Added Author). Cory, David. (Added Author). Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock, 1826-1887 (Added Author). Dowson, Ernest Christopher, 1867-1900 (Added Author). Hunt, Josephine Slocum. (Added Author). Gillom, Arthur L. (Added Author). Griffin, Gerald, 1803-1840 (Added Author). Laughlin, E. O. (Added Author). Moultrie, John, 1799-1874 (Added Author). Porter (Mrs. David) (Added Author). Procter, Adelaide Anne, 1825-1864 (Added Author). Reed, Nan Terrell. (Added Author). Rückert, Friedrich, 1788-1866 (Added Author). Smith, Florence. (Added Author). Towne, Charles Hanson, 1877-1949 (Added Author). Townsend, Mary Ashley. (Added Author). Webster, H. D. L. (Henry De Lafayette), 1824-1896 (Added Author). Wright, Ivan Leonard. (Added Author). Kid Kazanova (Philip Stack) (Added Author). Braley, Berton, 1882-1966 (Added Author). Parry, Joseph. (Added Author). Sangster, Margaret E. (Margaret Elizabeth), 1894-1981 (Added Author). Young, Barbara. (Added Author). MacDonald, George. (Added Author). Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936 (Added Author). Kingsley, Charles, 1819-1875 (Added Author). Barbauld, Mrs. (Anna Letitia), 1743-1825 (Added Author). Markham, Edwin, 1852-1940 (Added Author). Morgan, Angela T. (Added Author). Cook, Eliza. (Added Author). Leonard, Priscilla. (Added Author). Bancroft, Charles. (Added Author). Keats, John, 1795-1821 (Added Author). Henley, William Ernest, 1849-1903 (Added Author). Day, Dorothea. (Added Author). Oxenham, John. (Added Author). Clark, Martha Haskell. (Added Author). Frink, A. L. (Added Author). Morton, David. (Added Author). Abbott, Wenonah Stevens. (Added Author). Saadi, Moslih Eddin. (Added Author). Burgon, John William, 1813-1888 (Added Author). Burroughs, John. (Added Author). Cary, Phoebe, 1824-1871 (Added Author). Dowling, B. (Bartholomew) (Added Author). Driscoll, Louise. (Added Author). Jefferson, Joseph. (Added Author). Marinoni, Rosa Zagnoni, 1888-1970 (Added Author). McCreery, J. L. (Added Author). Sill, Edward Rowland, 1841-1887 (Added Author). Guest, Edgar A. (Edgar Albert), 1881-1959 (Added Author). Sharpe, R. L. (Added Author). Malloch, Douglas. (Added Author). Malone, Walter, 1866-1915 (Added Author). Fletcher, Louis A. (Added Author). Bartlett, I. J. (Added Author). Glover, R. W. (Added Author). Penny, W. E. (Added Author). Foss, Sam Walter, 1858-1911 (Added Author). Gresham, Walter S. (Added Author). Backus, Bertha Adams. (Added Author). Brontë, Emily, 1818-1848 (Added Author). Knox, J. Mason. (Added Author). Newbolt, Henry John, Sir, 1862-1938 (Added Author). Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882 (Added Author). Shimon, Louis C. (Added Author). Cooke, Edmund Vance, 1866-1932 (Added Author). Nesbit, Wilbur D. (Wilbur Dick), 1871-1927 (Added Author). Chapman, Arthur, 1873-1935 (Added Author). Guiney, Louise Imogen, 1861-1920 (Added Author). Rittenhouse, Jessie B. (Jessie Belle), 1869-1948 (Added Author). Carson, Mary Newland. (Added Author). Foley, James W. (James William), 1874-1939 (Added Author). Scarborough, George L. (Added Author). Allerton, Ellen P. (Ellen Palmer), 1835-1893 (Added Author). Holland, J. G. (Josiah Gilbert), 1819-1881 (Added Author). de Vere, Mary Ainge. (Added Author). Free, Spencer Michael, 1856- (Added Author). Gruber, Abraham L. (Added Author). Kiser, Samuel E. (Samuel Ellsworth), 1862-1942 (Added Author). Mason, Caroline A. (Caroline Atherton), 1823-1890 (Added Author). Perkins, Silas H. (Added Author). Robinson, Elsie. (Added Author). Dromgoole, Will Allen, 1860-1934 (Added Author). Gurney, Dorothy Frances. (Added Author). Spalding, Susan Marr. (Added Author). Smith, Lanta Wilson. (Added Author). Valle, Isabel. (Added Author). Waterman, Nixon. (Added Author). O'Reilly, John Boyle, 1844-1890 (Added Author). D'Arcy, Hugh Antoine, 1843-1925 (Added Author). Farningham, Marianne, 1834-1909 (Added Author). Hemans, Mrs., 1793-1835 (Added Author). Bayly, Thomas Haynes. (Added Author). Bell, Henry Glassford, 1803-1874 (Added Author). Thorpe, Rose Hartwick, 1850-1939 (Added Author). Bulwer-Lytton, Robert. (Added Author). Sims, George R., 1847-1922 (Added Author). Snow, Sophia P. (Added Author). Stansbury, Mary A. P. (Added Author). Carleton, Will, 1845-1912 (Added Author). Smiley, Joseph Bert. (Added Author). Hay, Clarence L. (Clarence Leonard), 1884-1969 (Added Author). Tilton, Theodore, 1835-1907 (Added Author). Watson, J. W. (John Whittaker), 1824-1890 (Added Author). Watts, Alaric Alexander, 1797-1864 (Added Author). Work, Henry C. (Henry Clay), 1832-1884 (Added Author). Thompson, John R. (Added Author). Thompson, Will Henry. (Added Author). Lowell, James Russell, 1819-1891 (Added Author). Lytle, William Haines, 1826-1863 (Added Author). Nadaud, Gustave, 1820-1893 (Added Author). Trowbridge, J. T. (John Townsend), 1827-1916 (Added Author). Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849 (Added Author). Smith, Langdon, 1858-1908 (Added Author). Spencer, William Robert. (Added Author). Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-1882 (Added Author). Service, Robert W. (Robert William), 1874-1958 (Added Author). Dorr, Julia C. R. (Julia Caroline Ripley), 1825-1913 (Added Author). Welch, Myra Brooks. (Added Author). Alger, Horatio, Jr., 1832-1899 (Added Author). Drummond, William Henry. (Added Author). Allison, Young E. (Added Author). Hunt, Josie R. (Added Author). Pixley, J. H. (Added Author). Edwards, Amelia B., 1831-1892 (Added Author). Carter, William Lorenzo. (Added Author). Brennan, Gerald. (Added Author). Bryant, William Cullen, 1794-1878 (Added Author). Desprez, Frank. (Added Author). Farrell, J. R. (Added Author). Gray, William B., 1898- (Added Author). Irving, Minna. (Added Author). de LaCoste, Marie Ravenal. (Added Author). Swain, John D. (Added Author). Knibbs, Henry Herbert, 1874-1945 (Added Author). Hay, John. (Added Author). Hayes, J. Milton. (Added Author). Malins, Joseph. (Added Author). Woolson, Constance Fenimore, 1840-1894 (Added Author). Paramore, Edward E., Jr. (Added Author). Thayer, Ernest Lawrence, 1863-1940 (Added Author). Wilson, James. (Added Author). McDonald, S. P. (Added Author). Gabriel, Chas. H. (Charles Hutchinson), 1856-1932 (Added Author). Babcock, Maltbie D. (Maltbie Davenport), 1858-1901 (Added Author). Carruth, William Herbert, 1859-1924 (Added Author). Lathbury, Mary A. (Mary Artemisia), 1841-1913 (Added Author). Baker, Julia A. (Added Author). Williams, Sarah. (Added Author). Allen, Lyman W. (Added Author). Ehrmann, Max, 1872-1945 (Added Author). Sargent, N. B. (Added Author). Webb, Thomas H. B. (Added Author). Colson, Ethel Maude. (Added Author). Judson, Emily C. (Emily Chubbuck), 1817-1854 (Added Author). Addison, Joseph, 1672-1719 (Added Author). Alexander, Cecil Frances, 1818-1895 (Added Author). Alexander, Joseph A. (Joseph Addison), 1809-1860 (Added Author). Banks, G. Linnaeus (George Linnaeus), 1821-1881 (Added Author). Bickersteth, Edward H. (Added Author). Bracken, Thomas, 1841-1898 (Added Author). Browning, Ophelia Guyon. (Added Author). Pope, Alexander, 1688-1744 (Added Author). Burleigh, William Henry, 1812-1871 (Added Author). Campbell, Thomas. (Added Author). Charles, Elizabeth Rundle, 1828-1896 (Added Author). Chester, Anson G. (Anson Gleason), 1827-1911 (Added Author). Cleaveland, Elizabeth H. Jocelyn (Elizabeth Hannah Jocelyn), 1824-1911 (Added Author). Coxe, A. Cleveland (Arthur Cleveland), 1818-1896 (Added Author). Cutler, Julian S. (Julian Stearns), 1854-1930 (Added Author). Doane, William Croswell, 1832-1913 (Added Author). Dorney, Elizabeth. (Added Author). Doudney, Sarah, 1843-1926 (Added Author). Edwards, Matilda C. (Added Author). Ellerton, John Lodge, 1801-1873 (Added Author). Elliott, Ebenezer, 1781-1849 (Added Author). Flint, Annie Johnson. (Added Author). Ford, Mary A. (Added Author). Doten, Lizzie, 1827-1913 (Added Author). Doane, George Washington, 1799-1859 (Added Author). Gill, Julia. (Added Author). Harbaugh, Henry, Dr. (Added Author). Howe, Julia Ward, 1819-1910 (Added Author). Mace, Frances L. (Frances Laughton), 1836-1899 (Added Author). Miller, Madeleine S. (Madeleine Sweeny), 1890-1976 (Added Author). Romaine, Harry. (Added Author). Rossetti, Christina Georgina, 1830-1894 (Added Author). Lord, Phillips H. (Added Author). Shaw, Knowles. (Added Author). Stubbs, Charles William. (Added Author). Studdert Kennedy, Geoffrey Anketell, 1883-1929 (Added Author). Whitney, Anna Temple. (Added Author). Payne, John Howard. (Added Author). Grafflin, Margaret Johnston. (Added Author). Taylor, Jane, 1783-1824 (Added Author). Allen, Elizabeth Akers, 1832-1911 (Added Author). Brine, Mary D. (Mary Dow) (Added Author). Kuder, Blanche Bane. (Added Author). Allen, Alice E. (Added Author). Bone, Florence. (Added Author). Lee, Agnes. (Added Author). Adkin, Will S. (Added Author). Swain, Charles. (Added Author). O'Reilly, Pat. (Added Author). Morrison, Mary. (Added Author). Woodworth, Samuel. (Added Author). Field, Eugene, 1850-1895 (Added Author). Stevens, George W. (Added Author). Spargur, Jill. (Added Author). Hall, Hattie Vose. (Added Author). Beers, Ethel Lynn, 1827-1879 (Added Author). Petrova, Olga, 1884-1977 (Added Author). Diller, John Irving. (Added Author). Everett, David. (Added Author). Hood, Thomas, 1799-1845 (Added Author). Ingelow, Jean, 1820-1897 (Added Author). Jewett, Ellen A. (Added Author). Johnson, Margaret. (Added Author). Jones, Elijah, 1790-1790 or 1791-1869. (Added Author). Moore, Clement Clarke, 1779-1863 (Added Author). Morris, George Perkins. (Added Author). O'Kane, T. C. (Tullius Clinton), 1830-1912 (Added Author). Wordsworth, William, 1770-1850 (Added Author). Whittier, John Greenleaf, 1807-1892 (Added Author). Key, Francis Scott, 1779-1843 (Added Author). Bates, Katharine Lee, 1859-1929 (Added Author). Scott, Walter, 1771-1832 (Added Author). Seeger, Alan. (Added Author). Rose, Billy. (Added Author). McCrae, John, 1872-1918 (Added Author). Mitchell, John. (Added Author). Armstrong, J. A. (Added Author). Lilliard, R. W. (Added Author). Hosking, Arthur Nicholas. (Added Author). Holmes, Oliver Wendell, 1809-1894 (Added Author). Finch, Francis Miles. (Added Author). Rooney, John Jerome, 1866-1934 (Added Author). Jeffries, Charles. (Added Author). Norton, Caroline. (Added Author). O'Hara, Theodore, 1820-1867 (Added Author). Robinson, Grant P. (Added Author). Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, Baron, 1809-1892 (Added Author). Clarke, Joseph Ignatius Constantine, 1846-1925 (Added Author). Galt, John. (Added Author). Wilson, John. (Added Author). Blanding, Don. (Added Author). Carryl, Guy Wetmore, 1873-1904 (Added Author). Waldheim, Franklin. (Added Author). Thackeray, William Makepeace, 1811-1863 (Added Author). Harte, Bret, 1836-1902 (Added Author). Masson, Thomas L. (Added Author). Guiterman, Arthur, 1871-1943 (Added Author). Royle, Edwin Milton, 1862-1942 (Added Author). Russell, Horace. (Added Author). Greene, William. (Added Author). Bardeen, C. W. (Added Author). Bossidy, John C. (Added Author). Burns, Robert. (Added Author). Corbett, E. T., Mrs. (Added Author). Fields, James Thomas, 1817-1881 (Added Author). Forrester, Alfred A. (Added Author). Gilbert, W. S. (William Schwenck), 1836-1911 (Added Author). Goldsmith, Oliver, 1730-1730?-1774. (Added Author). Gould, Hannah Frances. (Added Author). Harbaugh, Thomas Chalmers. (Added Author). Harrigan, Edward. (Added Author). Heine, Heinrich, 1797-1856 (Added Author). Irwin, Wallace. (Added Author). Jenner, Edward, Dr. (Added Author). King, Ben. (Added Author). Lord, Everett W. (Everett William), 1871- (Added Author). Ludlow, Fitz Hugh. (Added Author). Morrison, M. T. (Added Author). Osborne, Louis Shreve. (Added Author). Osborn, Seeleck. (Added Author). Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898 (Added Author). Russell, Irwin, 1853-1879 (Added Author). Saxe, John Godfrey, 1816-1887 (Added Author). Wells, Carolyn. (Added Author). Patrick, Luther. (Added Author). Storey, Violet Alleyn. (Added Author). Kilmer, Joyce, 1886-1918 (Added Author). Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894 (Added Author). Hughes, James D. (Added Author). Terry, Ellen. (Added Author). Hamilton, Robert Browning. (Added Author). Lamb, Charles, 1775-1834 (Added Author). Halleck, Fitz-Greene, 1790-1867 (Added Author). Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 (Added Author). Garrison, Theodosia Pickering, 1874-1944 (Added Author). Turner, Nancy Byrd, 1880-1971 (Added Author). Baker, J. G. (Added Author). Smith, Dill Armor. (Added Author). Taylor, Benjamin F. (Added Author). Jackson, Helen Hunt, 1830-1885 (Added Author). Taylor, C. S. (Charles S.) (Added Author). Cornford, Frances. (Added Author). Johnston, Bertha. (Added Author). Jones, Louise Seymour. (Added Author). Stidger, William L. (William Le Roy), 1886- (Added Author). Seldon, Frank H. (Added Author). Lucas, St. John, 1879-1934 (Added Author). Peabody, Josephine Preston, 1874-1922 (Added Author). Brent, Hally Carrington. (Added Author). Wedgefarth, W. Dayton. (Added Author). Bangs, John Kendrick, 1862-1922 (Added Author). O'Cotter, Pat. (Added Author). Stanfield, Leontine. (Added Author). Sherwood, Margaret. (Added Author). Sedgwick, Henry D. (Henry Dwight), 1785-1831 (Added Author). Usher, Leila. (Added Author). Blake, Felicia. (Added Author). Arnold, Matthew, 1822-1888 (Added Author). Lincoln, Mary W. (Added Author). Baker, Karle Wilson, 1878-1960 (Added Author). Wells, R. G. (Added Author). Thomas, Louisa Carroll. (Added Author). Whiteside, Mary Brent. (Added Author). Swinburne, Algernon Charles, 1837-1909 (Added Author). Blake, James W. (Added Author). Lawlor, Chas. B. (Charles B.), 1852-1925 (Added Author). Allen, Glen. (Added Author). Morris, Robert. (Added Author). Vardhill, Anna Jane. (Added Author). Cowper, William. (Added Author). Griffin, Gerald. (Added Author). Hall, James Norman, 1887-1951 (Added Author). Herrick, Robert. (Added Author). Hooper, Ellen S. (Added Author). Jonas, Samuel Alroy, Major. (Added Author). Jones, William, Sir. (Added Author). Knox, William. (Added Author). Langworthy, Yolande. (Added Author). Mackay, Charles. (Added Author). Fletcher, Julia A. (Added Author). Newton, Byron Rufus. (Added Author). Logau, Friedrich von, 1604-1655 (Added Author). Watts. (Added Author). Stanton, Henry T. (Henry Thompson), 1834-1898 (Added Author). Wallis, George B. (Added Author). de Ponciano, Angelo. (Added Author). Richards, Edward Henry. (Added Author).

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  • Physical Description: 1 page, leaves, xii-xxxv, 670 pages ; 22 cm.
  • Publisher: Garden City, N.Y. : Garden City Pub., [1936]

Content descriptions

Formatted Contents Note: Kafoozalum -- Methuselah -- Miss Foggerty's cake -- The patter of the shingle -- Carmen Possum -- The optimist -- Towser shall be tied tonight -- Van Amburgh's menagerie -- Wanted - a minister's wife -- Willie the weeper -- The bird's ball / C.W. Bardeen -- A Boston toast / John C. Bossidy -- To a louse / Robert Burns -- The three wise women / Mrs. E.T. Corbett -- The three wise couples / Mrs. E.T. Corbett -- The owl critic / James T. Fields -- To my nose / Alfred A. Forrester -- The yarn of the Nancy Bell / William Schwenck Gilbert -- Elegy on the death of a mad dog / Oliver Goldsmith -- The frost / Hannah Frances Gould -- Trouble in the Amen corner / Thomas Chalmers Hargaugh -- My dad's dinner pail / Edward Harrigan -- Good fortune / Heinrich Heine translated by Louis Untermeyer -- The worried skipper / Wallace Irwin -- Signs of rain / Dr. Edward Jenner -- The pessimist / Ben King -- The legend of the admen / Everett W. Lord -- Socrates Snooks / Fitz Hugh Ludlow -- Fin de siecle / Edmund Vance Cooke -- What the choir sang about the new bonnet / M.T. Morrison -- Riding down from Bangor / Louis Shreve Osborne -- A modest wit / Seeleck Osborn -- The walrus and the carpenter / Lewis Carroll -- De fust Banjo / Irwin Russell -- The blind men and the elephant / John Godfrey Saxe -- The game of life / John Godfrey Saxe -- An overworked elocutionist / Carolyn Wells -- Sleepin' at the foot o' the bed / Luther Patrick -- A maxim revised -- I kissed you -- Prayer for a very new angel / Violet Alleyn Storey -- Bachelor hall / Eugene Field -- He is not dead / James Whitcomb Riley -- Out of the hitherwhere / James Whitcomb Riley -- The house with nobody in it / Joyce Kilmer-- Verses written in 1892 / Robert Louis Stevenson-- My son / James D. Hughes-- No funeral gloom / Ellen Terry -- Along the road / Robert Browning Hamilton -- Lucy / William Wordsworth -- The old familiar faces / Charles Lamb -- Joseph Rodman Drake / Fitz-Greene Halleck -- Douglas, Douglas, tender and true / Dinah Maria Mulock Craik -- Memory / Abraham Lincoln -- 'Tis the last rose of summer / Thomas Moore -- Annabel Lee / Edgar Allan Poe -- The closed door / Theodosia Garrison -- Death is a door / Nancy Byrd Turner -- The country doctor / Will M. Carleton -- My trundle bed / J.G. Baker -- On the threshold -- Twenty years ago / Dill Armor Smith -- The long ago / Benjamin F. Taylor -- Fare thee well / Lord Byron -- Lady Byron's reply to Lord Byron's Fare thee well -- Sorrow / Sir Aubrey de Vere -- Not thou but I / Philip Bourke Marston -- If I should die tonight / Arabella Eugenia Smith -- A cry from the Canadian hills / Lillian Leveridge -- The Queen's last ride / Ella Wheeler Wilcox -- Trees / Joyce Kilmer -- My garden is a pleasant place / Louise Driscoll -- Far from the madding crowd / Nixon Waterman -- God, the artist / Angela Morgan -- The path that leads to nowhere / Corinne Roosevelt Robinson -- October's bright blue weather / Helen Hunt Jackson -- The spell of the Yukon / Robert W. Service -- A scandal among the flowers / Charles S. Taylor -- To a fat lady seen from the train / Frances Cornford -- Did you ever hear and English sparrow sing / Bertha Johnston -- Who loves a garden / Louise Seymour Jones -- The rainbow / William Wordsworth -- I saw God wash the world / William L. Stidger -- Flowers in the crannied wall / Alfred Tennyson -- Daffodils / William Wordsworth -- The Curate thinks you have no soul / St. John Lucas -- Bishop Doane on his dog / George Washington Doane -- Epitaph to a dog / Lord Byron -- Rags / Edmund Vance Cooke -- To a dog / Josephine Preston Peabody -- I think I know no finer things than dogs / Hally Carrington Brent -- Bum / W. Dayton Wedgefarth -- The power of the dog / Rudyard Kipling -- Supplication of the Black Aberdeen / Rudyard Kipling -- My dog / John Kendrick Bangs -- A Malemute dog / Pat O'Cotter -- The little cat angel / Leontine Stanfield -- In memoriam - Leo: a yellow cat / Margaret Sherwood -- Leo to his mistress / Henry Dwight Sedgwick -- I am the cat / Leila Usher -- The Arab's farewell to his horse / Caroline Norton -- The man with the hoe / Edwin Markham -- The female of the species / Rudyard Kipling -- The vampire / Rudyard Kipling -- A woman's answer to The vampire / Felicia Blake -- Old Testament contents -- Names and order of the books of the Old Testament -- Our Presidents -- Dover Beach / Matthew Arnold -- On first looking into Chapman's Homer / John Keats -- England's Sovereigns in verse -- Kings of France / Mary W. Lincoln -- Let me grow lovely / Karle Wilson Baker -- Growing older / R.G. Wells -- What is charm / Louisa Carroll Thomas -- Echoes / William Ernest Henley -- Who has known heights / Mary Brent Whiteside -- The garden of Proserpine / Algernon Charles Swinburne -- Three gates / from the Arabian -- The old astronomer to his pupil / Sarah Williams -- The sidewalks of New York / Charles B. Lawlor and James W. Blake -- The woman I am / Glen Allen -- Charity -- Life's a game -- Days of birth -- The festal board -- The gate at the end of things -- The heart of a girl is a wonderful thing -- The level and the spuare / Robert Morris -- Is it really worth the while -- Money and a friend -- He who knows / Persian proverb -- Six feet of earth -- To a skeleton / Anna Jane Vardhill -- Man's inhumanity to man / Robert Burns -- The Indian hunter / Eliza Cook -- Retirement / William Cowper -- Hy-Brasail - the isle of the blest / Gerald Griffin -- Eat and walk / James Norman Hall -- Whenas in silks my Julia goes / Robert Herrick -- To the virgins / Robert Herrick -- Duty / Ellen S. Hooper -- Who hath a book / Wilbur D. Nesbit -- Lines on the back of a Confederate note / Major Samuel Alroy Jonas -- What constitutes a state / Sir William Jones -- Oh why should the spirit of mortal be proud / William Knox -- Drifting sands and a caravan / Yolande Langworthy -- The ship / Charles Mackay -- I saw three ships -- Little things / Julia A Fletcher -- Life / Nan Terrell Reed -- Mother Shipton's prophecies -- Owed to New York / Byron Rufus Newton -- City roofs / Charles Hanson Towne -- Retribution / F. von Logau translated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -- Quarrelling / Watts -- The men that don't fit in / Robert W. Service -- The moneyless man / Major Henry T. Stanton -- The lovely rivers and lakes of Maine / George B. Wallis -- Life's scars / Ella Wheeler Wilcox -- Lifting and leaning / Ella Wheeler Wilcox -- A chip on his shoulder -- Our lips and ears -- Empties coming back / Angelo de Ponciano -- A wise old owl / Edward Hersey Richards -- Horse sense -- The year's at the spring / Robert Browning --
Subject: American poetry
English poetry
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