Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics [electronic resource] : A Handbook for Primary Care by Parker, Steven J.(SAGE)1848844; Zuckerman, Barry S.(SAGE)1790078; Augustyn, Marilyn C.;
Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics; Contents; Contributing Authors; Preface from 1st Edition; Preface; I The Fundamentals of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics; Talking with Parents; Talking with Children; Teachable Moments in Primary Care; Touchpoints of Anticipatory Guidance in the First Three Years; Difficult Encounters with Parents; Helping Families Deal with Bad News; Promoting Early Literacy; Family Systems; Promoting Parental SelfUnderstanding; Behavioral Screening; Developmental Screening; Screening for Social and Emotional Delays in Early ChildhoodBehavioral Management: Theory and PracticeCoping with Stressful Transitions; Managing Behavior; Pain; Early Childhood Development in Developing Countries; Self-Regulation Therapy; Psychopharmacology; II Specific Child Problems; Recurrent Abdominal Pain; The Aggressive, Explosive Child; Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia; Anxiety Disorders; Asperger Syndrome; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; Autism; Bad News in the Media; Bipolar Disorder in Children; Biting Others; Breath Holding; Bullying; Cerebral Palsy; Chronic Conditions; Colic; Depression; Down Syndrome; The Dysmorphic ChildEncopresisEnuresis; Failure to Thrive; Fears; Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; Fragile X Syndrome; Gay, Lesbian, & Bisexual Youth; Gender Identity Issues; The Gifted Child; Headaches; Hearing Impairment; Language Delays; Lying, Cheating, & Stealing; Masturbation; Mental Retardation: Behavioral Problems; Mental Retardation: Diagnostic Evaluation; Motor Delays; Neglect; Nightmares and Night Terrors; Obesity; Physical Abuse; Picky Eating; Posttraumatic Stress Disorder; PTSD) in Children; Prematurity: Primary Care Follow-up; School Avoidance; School Failure; School Readiness; Selective MutismSelf-Esteem and ResilienceSensory Integration Disorder; Sex and the Adolescent; Sexual Abuse; Shyness; Sleep Problems; Speech-Sound Disorders; Stuttering; Substance Abuse in Adolescence; Suicide; Temper Tantrums; Temperamentally Difficult Children; Thumb Sucking; Tics and Tourette Syndrome; Toilet Training; Unpopular Children; Violent Youth; Visual Impairment; Witness to Violence; III Family Issues; Adoption; Bereavement and Loss; Child Care; Cultural Competence; Divorce; Dying Children; Foster Care; Gay and Lesbian Parents; Screening for Maternal Depression; Sibling Rivalry; Single ParentsStepfamiliesTelevision; Twins; Vulnerable Children; Appendices; Pediatric Symptom Checklist; Child Development in the First Five Years; Early Language Milestone Scale; Temperament; Child Development in the First 21 Months; Socioemotional Development of Infants and Children: Themes and Behaviors; IndexThe thoroughly updated Second Edition of this popular handbook provides practical guidance on diagnosing and treating children with developmental and behavioral problems in the primary care setting. New chapters cover pediatric psychopharmacology, sensory integrations disorder, bad news in the media, post-traumatic stress disorder, Asperger syndrome, promoting resilience, the explosive child, family treatment, cultural competence, and bipolar disorder. The authors present current information on common problems such as ADHD, biting, school avoidance, the picky eater, obesity, sleep problems, an
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