Emotionally Disturbed : A History of Caring for America's Troubled Children. by Doroshow, Deborah Blythe.;
Intro -- CONTENTS -- List of Illustrations -- INTRODUCTION -- ONE. O Pioneers! -- INTERLUDE: THE ROAD TO RESIDENTIAL -- TWO. Disturbed Children, Disturbing Children -- THREE. Playing by Ear -- INTERLUDE: THERAPEUTICS IN RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT -- FOUR. The Special Relationship -- FIVE. A New Home -- SIX. Building the Normal Child -- INTERLUDE: HOMEWARD BOUND -- SEVEN. The Breakdown of Emotional Disturbance -- EIGHT. Discarded Children: The Last Thirty Years in Child Mental Health -- Epilogue -- Acknowledgments -- Key to Archives and Manuscripts -- Notes -- Index.Description based on publisher supplied metadata and other sources.
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Serial murderers and their victims / by Hickey, Eric W.(SAGE)1844397;
System requirements for accompanying computer disc: Windows PC's.Includes bibliographical references (p. 339-355) and index.Introduction: Phenomenon of serial murder. Serial murder : fact and fiction -- Numbers and types of mass murders and serial killings in the United States -- Defining homicide, murder, and serial murder -- Typologies of murder -- Methodology used in this book -- Cultural development of monsters, demons, and evil. Serial murder, cults, and the occult -- Notion of evil -- When evil embraces good -- When good embraces evil -- Biology and psychology in serial murder. Psychobiology and biochemical theories of violent behavior -- Insanity : what is it? -- Constructing the psychopath -- Interviewing serial murderers -- Social construction of serial murder. Social structure theory -- social class theory -- Social process theory -- Neutralization theory -- Social control theory -- Labeling theory -- MacDonald triad -- Etiology of serial killing -- Trauma control model of the serial killer -- Stalking -- Signatures -- Cyclical nature of serial killing -- Male serial murderer. Emergence of male serial murderers. Myths of serial murder -- Mobility and victimization -- Offenders' backgrounds and occupations -- Disposition of serial killers -- Men who kill women : the solo killer -- Lust killers -- Men who kill men : the solo killer -- Men who kill children -- Men who kill the elderly -- Men who kill families -- Men who kill men and women -- Team killers. Identifying team killers -- Occupations of team serial killers -- Team killing and mobility -- Ritualism, cults, and child victims -- Victim selection -- Methods and motives -- Offender history -- Disposition of offenders -- Female serial murderer. Identifying female murderers -- Emergence of female serial murderers -- Victim selection -- Methods and motives -- Psychopathology of female offenders -- Sentencing female offenders -- Victims. Demographics of victimization in serial murder -- Victim selection and prostitutes -- Victim facilitation -- Missing and murdered children -- Protection and prevention -- Agencies for missing, murdered, and exploited children -- Interviewing serial murderers. Interview with a male serial murderer -- Serial murder from a global perspective. Beyond Jack the Ripper -- Global issues in serial murder -- Assessing global data on serial murder -- Gorby study -- Profiling, apprehension, and disposition of serial killers. Forensic science -- Profiling -- NCAVC and VICAP -- Disposition -- Closing thoughts.
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